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I never manage to be able to fit all of the stuff I want to into my Mom’s stocking. So, this year, I made her a supersized stocking! I think next year I’m going to have to make it even bigger.

It’s kind of modern, but I LOVE it. I think I’ll steal it when I make her a bigger one.


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Am I boring you yet?

Yet another post about Christmas stuff, and more embroidery! This was for my uncle Ted and his beautiful gal Erin.

I have no idea why this looks so wonky. After I’m done showing you this batch of pictures I promise, I’ll try and remember to take better pictures!

More hand quilting…

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Mug Rug: a really honkin’ big coaster that can fit a mug of tea or coffee, and a special little treat on it. Or, for those of us that are accident prone and messy, a coaster big enough that even if you have a major slopping incident, it stays contained.

I figured it was about time to make some mug rugs to give away, so I ended up making these beauties as little bonuses for my parents for Christmas gifts. There is one each for my dad, stepmother, and mom. I’m pretty pleased with the results, and can see a fairly huge mug rug collection in my very near future. They are such a great way to use up some of these millions of scraps I have floating around!

Action shot!

Here is how they were wrapped up and displayed. Non of my parents seemed to be able to navigate them…

Tassy is very helpful…

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I know, I know

I made several of these, because I was really happy with the way they turned out. Plus I think they are fun. This one was for my cousin Tyla and her fiance Justin. It’s a little bright, but I think it suits her personality. She’s so sweet and loving and fun and bright.

This pattern is called ‘Tree of Love’ which I thought was sort of perfect to start their new life together.

More hand quilting!

Yay! And there is still more to come!

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EEK! Plague cold

Okay, so I got another round of the cold that’s been going around this area, what I like to call the plague cold. (The techs at my mom’s company call it something else, but it’s a little less nice).  It knocked me flat on my back, and I was down for the count. I’m still getting my butt kicked by it, but I still have WAY too much to show you. Please excuse my briskness! It’s way past my bedtime 🙂

These are embroidered pillowcases for my Aunt Maureen and Uncle Bill. I LOVE the contrast of the simple dark blue against the pillowcase. (I should also point out, I always prewash EVERYTHING that I make before I give it away, always AFTER the project is done)

Obviously the S is for their last name…

As always, pattern by Polka & Bloom.

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More Embroidery

I say more embroidery like there is going to be an end to any of the embroidery I have to show you at any point! Trust me, there is plenty more!

I made this for my Aunt Cathy and Uncle Danny. It’s another wall hanging, and I’m pretty pleased with it.

I really love this pattern by Polka & Bloom.

I LOVE this pink fabric… I had a few precious scraps of it left over that I used for this project. It’s a tapestry kind of fabric, and it’s beautiful… far better in real life than these pictures.

YAY! Hope y’all aren’t getting bored yet!

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Okay, so I really do have this awesome camera, and it’s, you know. AMAZING. Sadly, I can’t take a picture.  Not only that, but apparently I’m a ridiculous person that ships items off before she thinks to check the pictures taken of said items to make sure they are okay.

So a friend of mine has been having a rough go of it lately, and to cheer them up, I made a quilt. Seriously, this thing came out so well, but you’ll just have to imagine that it looks totally awesome based on these craptastic pictures I took of it.

It’s just about a queen size.

Between the quilt being too big for my holder to hold it up properly, and the wind… just… ugh.


So: Love this quilt. Wish the pictures were better. The end.

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